All the little things amount to a lot


I have somehow despite  my recent illness, been able to accomplish some of the things on my list.

I recently cleaned and reorganized the studio (pics to come)! and have also planted one of the beds in the backyard (more pics to come). All of this and I have also found some time to redo the graphics on my site. I have rounded all the little corners on my buttons and what not.

After cleaning my space last night I realized how good it feels to have that space clean. It  feels like I can reorganize my thoughts. I have separated all my art into categories and spatially separated them within the layout of the room.

I have a flower wall, a gator wall, a southern history wall, and a personal history wall. This way I can look at one wall and see only that work and focus on the subject which I choose.

I feel inspired by my clean space. I believe I will go home tonight and make some art.