Bound to Be

As a woman I have always felt very strongly about the importance of female reproductive rights.

In a way I have always felt that it was unfair that we can not separate ourselves, such as men can, from our reproductive responsibilities.

When a woman gets pregnant it is not just her health or her body at stake ( both very much are) but it is also her life.

In the search for understanding myself and m own identity I have to understand what it means to be a woman.

To me being a woman  means more than the imposition of a gender role.  Yes, we are conditioned into the role of a woman from a very young age. Our peers, teachers, and parents all treat us differently and tailor expectations based upon our gender.
Being a woman is more than this though. We have more than outside forces which shape the responsibility of the role of our sex. We have an internal responsibility.

With the upcoming elections it is more important than ever to recognize that it is Our bodies and our choice!

We deserve to be able to make choices that affect our bodies, we deserve to be in control of our reproductive health and we deserve the tools to make effective choices as they pertain to our bodies and our inherited reproductive responsibility.

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