New Studio

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studioWe finally have our new studio set up in our new home.
The task is now painting, drawing and creating new inventory for the store.
I have made several promises to myself which include drawing everyday, Photographing stock and being more vigilant with social media. So far I am doing pretty well on all of these fronts. Balancing my day job, my marriage and being the mother of two boys under 6 is incredibly challenging and sometimes I worry that I am not focusing enough on any one of those areas. I believe though that I am settling into my role as a full time adult and I feel more satisfied than ever with my life.

I recently listened to a series of stories on the radio show “This American Life” about people settling into their “Plan B” and sometimes I wonder, “is this my plan b?”
I believe the answer to that question is complicated because it brings up a series of other questions, such as, “what were my initial expectations from life?”  I really don’t think my expectations were ever very much. Certainly not the pie in the sky type dreams that many kids have. I always wanted to be an artist (which I am). However,  I never really expected to make a living from it. I thought that I may end up doing something artistic for a living while maintaining my real work as an artist on the side (which I am).


I am somewhat discouraged with one aspect of my current existence. I do wish that I currently had more exposure as an artist and was showing more of my work. However, I believe that I am not showing often because I am not applying for shows. This has something to do with the rather hectic year I have had. Having a baby, getting married, buying a house, and changing jobs several times has left little room for much else.

This next year I am really hoping to settle into a routine within my studio and apply myself more in the studio. As an artist I believe that I have a unique voice which needs to be heard.


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