Summer is over



Here in the deep south it doesn’t feel like it but the hot and humid days of summer are quickly coming to an end.

There are several ways I know this to be true: the kids are back in school, the days are getting shorter and the fall gardens are being planted. 

I heard it said that in times past that no matter your economic situation you were looked on as lazy if you didn’t have a garden in the deep south. Perhaps it is my desire to be a true southern lady, or my desire for economic autonomy or perhaps it is my innate appreciation of nature which drives me. No matter where it is I draw my biggest inspiration, the fact remains that I am an avid amateur gardener with equal parts love for floral as well as edible plant life.

To date I have an extensive flower and herb garden. I have planted a variety of flowers with fragrance, color and butterflies as the deciding factors on the species for inclusion. The herbs are culinary herbs popular in everyday cooking. I grow ginger, garlic, chives, several kinds of basal, rosemary, thyme, summer and winter savory, oregano, cilantro and mint.

I also have a small veggie garden. Partially enclosed in a fence, the garden is bordered by several flowers including a climbing rose,  lobilia and milkweed. Currently I am growing bok choy, butter lettuce, beans, arugala and several kinds of peppers.

It has long been my dream to press some of my flowers and use them in my art. However, I love looking at them so much that I never want to pick them. Despite this I find that I draw so much pleasure and artistic inspiration from my patch of garden everyday.