Studio, life and garden


My writing station

This week has been big for my family and I. It was Tristan’s first week back at school. A welcome change for me and my family, this change has brought with it a return of some time that was lost during the summer months.

I am not just saying that I have regained my sanity but I am asserting that I have been granted the opportunity to write and create more freely.


New display made from found wood

Already I have created several jewelry displays out of found wood. I have also created over 30 new jewelry pieces, painted two new paintings and begun the process of creating new small booklets out of upcycled vintage materials.


Two small new paintings

I am so proud of my progress in this past week and am delighted to share with others. In the coming weeks I will be a vendor at two craft fairs. I also have some pieces for sale at Anita’s funky emporium, including a God’s eye box I created and a pair of earrings made with vintage glass buttons.


Another new display

Be on the look out for the classes I will be teaching in September. I will be teaching classes on bookmaking 101 in the class room at hobby lobby. These classes will teach basic book making skills. I will have more information on these classes in the coming week.


Small booklet

I also hope to be creating a new line of ornaments this year in addition to the ornaments I have sold in the past. I will be selling these on the annais etsy and possibly at the lemoyne as well. 


St Francis overlooks my tribute to him

In the garden there are exciting updates as well. I pulled out the tomatoes and planted lettuce and bok choy. The peppers are going crazy and we have an overabundance from just two little plants.


My little front yard veggie garden

I am still able to gather many fresh herbs and all of the flowers are doing quite well.


Flowers are doing well

Some of the plants that I collected from vacant lots are establishing themselves and even having babies.


Captured flower from a vacant lot. It has yet to be identified.

I am so excited for what the future holds!