My Betony is Returning



Time marches on, and it is yet another fall. The temperatures have not hit their fall note but there is a noticeable shift in the air. My garden has been attentive to this change and bits of Betony are returning to the butterfly garden, bit by bit.

Some people think of Betony as a weed but I love it. The native perennial is extremely resilient, easy to care for, edible and, in my opinion, quite pretty. The optimistic looking green leaves form in stalks and are flourished with small light purple bell-shaped flowers.  The bed grows quite thick with them in the fall and they become a light purple blanket in the garden, during the fall and winter, when everything else is dying. They offer color in the cooler months when all else seems gray and bleak.

I am still painting, crafting and preparing for the winter sales. I am hosting a class for bookmaking basics in a weeks time. I am also going to promote the event tomorrow at our local art park by giving away free reconstructed history books.  I am hopeful about the outcome but I have to keep reminding myself that all I do with my art is a labor of love. This is not something I do for money, although money is nice, it is something I do because I need to. I have been making art my entire life and without it my life does not feel right.