Studio – Update – New Book Making

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I am continuing to paint clouds and I am slowly getting more happy with the paintings.
I will keep on keepin on and in the end they will be awesome.

I was recently at a place called the “Sharing Tree”. The store located in Railroad Square offers really affordable craft supplies with a special discounted rate to teachers.

I fell in love with the folders that were being sold 10 for a dollar. The folders don my favorite colors of coral and sea foam green with a natural fading.

I knew right away that I wanted to folders to make books with. I have begun experimenting in books that I can make with these folders and I really would love to create some content for them as well.

I am thinking of doing watercolors of flower or a loose narrative painted outside of the lines.

I am really enjoying being a maker lately !

Back On Etsy

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So…. I have reopened my Etsy site.  Immediately upon opening the site again I was invited to come sell my wares at railroad sq this friday. However, this would be cutting it a little close. I am not sure if I am ready or willing to commit to such a thing on such short notice. It is exciting though. I wish that there were more hours in a day, or that I never had to sleep, or that there were three of me . Being a mom with two jobs leaves me little time to do those extra things that I wish could do. I have created the following list of things I wish I could make some time for in the near future.

1) Taking quality photos of all my art – especially the recent stuff

2) Posting it on my website

3)Taking quality photos of all my crafts

4)Posting them on Etsy

5)Redoing the back beds around the back porch, planting some summer veggies and some herbs.

6)Raking the yard

7) Finally getting all that laundry done

8)Reorganizing the studio and doing a “Deep Clean”

9)Going through ALL of the old clothes and getting rid of the bulk

10)Making more books

11)Finally finishing that gator head!

12)Taking me and  my son to the dentist!


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In the past I have been a terrible photographer. I think  my lack of patience may be at fault. Lately, as I have been trying to sell my journals online, I think that my lack of patience has come to bite me. I am working on it though. I spent the morning setting up and taking photos of my journals and I think that the photos I took this morning are a ten-fold improvement to the photos which I have taken in the past.


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I just began a new job. Something about this job is motivating me to really work on this blog and to really try and market myself and my art. I think that one thing that I should do is present my art in a way that might relate more to the general populous at large. No, I am not planning on selling out but what I do think that I might do is just be more considerate of presentation to others. I think that this concept as a whole has become something all the more clear and important as I have aged.