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As a child I remember scouring the shelves. Delving deep into the closets, boxes and trunks. I was always searching for something. Something that would tell the story of who I was and where I came from. Something that would help “all-of-this” make sense. I wanted stories of my past, of the past leading up to me and mostly I just wanted to find the secret. The secret that would unlock it all.

One day I found a baby book. It had a couple of notes in it but was mostly empty. I thought that this book had been my chance but that now I would never know. I felt keenly the loss of understanding. The missed opportunity. This empty book represented all that would be lost from me.

When I became a mother I wanted to give my children this understanding. To gift them with that something special that I never had. Each of my children have their own special book. These books  tell a story and the story is that of their lives. I also am beginning a different kind of book. I will be asking my mother to write down the memories of her childhood, of her parents and her grandparents.

We need to preserve this history to pass down. If we do not do this it will be lost forever. I do not want my children to piece together an incomplete past the way that I have. I feel that the past is so important in understanding the present but that so much is lost. So much understanding is lost.


Studio – Update – New Book Making

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I am continuing to paint clouds and I am slowly getting more happy with the paintings.
I will keep on keepin on and in the end they will be awesome.

I was recently at a place called the “Sharing Tree”. The store located in Railroad Square offers really affordable craft supplies with a special discounted rate to teachers.

I fell in love with the folders that were being sold 10 for a dollar. The folders don my favorite colors of coral and sea foam green with a natural fading.

I knew right away that I wanted to folders to make books with. I have begun experimenting in books that I can make with these folders and I really would love to create some content for them as well.

I am thinking of doing watercolors of flower or a loose narrative painted outside of the lines.

I am really enjoying being a maker lately !

Painting Landscapes in Watercolor

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I have started painting Landscapes


This was before the foreground was added into the painting.

I am beginning to paint clouds.
They are often the most beautiful and dramatic part of a landscape.
I am also gardening in the hopes that I will be able to paint in the garden.
Specifically I would love to paint roses.


These paintings are watercolors but I am tempted to work in oil.

watercolor landscape

New Studio

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studioWe finally have our new studio set up in our new home.
The task is now painting, drawing and creating new inventory for the store.
I have made several promises to myself which include drawing everyday, Photographing stock and being more vigilant with social media. So far I am doing pretty well on all of these fronts. Balancing my day job, my marriage and being the mother of two boys under 6 is incredibly challenging and sometimes I worry that I am not focusing enough on any one of those areas. I believe though that I am settling into my role as a full time adult and I feel more satisfied than ever with my life.

I recently listened to a series of stories on the radio show “This American Life” about people settling into their “Plan B” and sometimes I wonder, “is this my plan b?”
I believe the answer to that question is complicated because it brings up a series of other questions, such as, “what were my initial expectations from life?”  I really don’t think my expectations were ever very much. Certainly not the pie in the sky type dreams that many kids have. I always wanted to be an artist (which I am). However,  I never really expected to make a living from it. I thought that I may end up doing something artistic for a living while maintaining my real work as an artist on the side (which I am).


I am somewhat discouraged with one aspect of my current existence. I do wish that I currently had more exposure as an artist and was showing more of my work. However, I believe that I am not showing often because I am not applying for shows. This has something to do with the rather hectic year I have had. Having a baby, getting married, buying a house, and changing jobs several times has left little room for much else.

This next year I am really hoping to settle into a routine within my studio and apply myself more in the studio. As an artist I believe that I have a unique voice which needs to be heard.



Its that time again – Here we have come full circle once again to another  Thanksgiving.

This has been an insanely busy year for me. As much as I love all of the people and thing in my life it is not very often that I get much time to reflect upon that which I am thankful for.

I do often think in spare moments that I am thankful for my Home, my family, my husband, and my boys. But these moments are fleeting and overwhelmed by the hectic flow of my life.  Today I would truly like to take some time to pause and reflect upon the people and things which I am thankful for. I am working om creating a list on pinterest for some of these things.




What It Means to be Southern


ImageThis word cloud was created using a compilation of writings on what the south means to a group of random southern raised people.

I thought that it was an interesting reflection of the southern cultural identity. The Identity of Southern America is not so much a concrete thing but as shifting collection of ideas, collective experiences, and a shared past.

Old Fashioned


ImageBaby Luca was born 4/19/213. I guess you could consider this my birth announcement.  In these  modern times we announce everything electronically through social media. I even announced my pregnancy to most of my friends and family via Facebook.

The postal service is dead, and thank you cards are a thing of the past. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Do we need to return to a simpler time ? Do we long for a simpler time?

I am more full of questions that answers. This is another sign of our times.

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A Thanks Giving


There are those reflective moments in life,  when I take a step back to survey my life. It is in these quiet moments when I feel a true joy. I know in these moments, surrounded by those who I hold dear,  that I am truly blessed.

I am so thankful to have food. There have been times when I have not had a table with food or food in my pantry. I believe to be thankful for  this most basic essential one must go without first.

I am thankful for my loving family. There have been moments in my life where I was truly alone.
These were the darkest times. The love provided by friends and family feeds ones spirit in dark hours.

I am thankful to be alive. I am thankful to be able to experience these blessings and feel the warmth of spirit known as gratitude.

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