A video of some of my past and current art


I for my job I have been using a service called Animoto. My work has a paid account. However, I have really enjoyed creating the videos using this program and created a video of some of my past and more recent work.

I did this with my very own free account. The free account has some limitations. You are limited on the formats you can use. You cannot do the sound editing and you are limited in time on many of the videos.

However, with that said I am still pretty happy with the results of this 30 sec video.


We are almost Homeowners!!!!!


ImageSome time this past winter my husband and I decided to do something which we had been throwing around for quite some time. We decided to buy a home. We were not sure how to go about doing this and even once we had tentatively laid plans to do so we remained inactive for some time.

Then a very cold winter storm came. For Floridians like us the cold was almost too much to bare. Our current home, as lovely as it is, is not well insulalted and the heater is not worth turning on as it costs us 300 every 3 weeks in heating full (in florida).

It was this cold that finally pushed us into action. We knew that we wanted to own a home and, with tax season upon us, there is no time like the present.

The first step we took towards homebuying was finding a REALTOR. We found a real estate agent through personal referrals She helped us find a lender to get pre-approved and we began the home search. We found looked through hundreds of listings until we found a few that we wanted to look at.

On our first outing we found OUR HOUSE! I knew that the Home was for us when my husband was excited. He is almost never excited but I could see joy in his eyes. I though the house was lovely but worried that it was at the top of our price range, and was also not enough space for our growing family. Image

His excitement was enough to convince me and that same day we made an OFFER!

We are nearing the end of this journey and the closer we get to closing the more excited I become to LIVE in my own home. I am so excited to have a place for me and my family. We are awaiting the appraisal now and we are eager for the close.

Thanksgiving – lived

My Thanksgiving Table

My Thanksgiving Table



Its that time again – Here we have come full circle once again to another  Thanksgiving.

This has been an insanely busy year for me. As much as I love all of the people and thing in my life it is not very often that I get much time to reflect upon that which I am thankful for.

I do often think in spare moments that I am thankful for my Home, my family, my husband, and my boys. But these moments are fleeting and overwhelmed by the hectic flow of my life.  Today I would truly like to take some time to pause and reflect upon the people and things which I am thankful for. I am working om creating a list on pinterest for some of these things.




What It Means to be Southern


ImageThis word cloud was created using a compilation of writings on what the south means to a group of random southern raised people.

I thought that it was an interesting reflection of the southern cultural identity. The Identity of Southern America is not so much a concrete thing but as shifting collection of ideas, collective experiences, and a shared past.

My Birthday as a MOM~

Tristan at a week old

Tristan at a week old

Today is my birthday as a MOM.  It was five years ago today that my oldest son arrived into this world.

At this time five years ago I was still in labor and had been for 24 hours. I had been up for 36 hours and I was hullicinating from the pain and exhaustion.   When Tristan made his exit I was so happy that the labor was over.

I arrived home from the birthing center later that night . Once the dust settled it was only an exhausted I and that little life together. I sat there cradling this being that I was now totally responsible for. That was one of the most scary moments of my life.

As I sat there with my son for the first time. I thought to myself, “I have no idea what I am doing” From that day forward I have been winging it !  As my son grew from baby to toddler i grew with him. Stronger every day ! I have now grown into a MOTHER!

I love you Tristan and thank you for being the greatest teacher I have ever known.  I love you more every day and I learn more about myself an the world around me through ALL of my interactions with you !