A video of some of my past and current art


I for my job I have been using a service called Animoto. My work has a paid account. However, I have really enjoyed creating the videos using this program and created a video of some of my past and more recent work.

I did this with my very own free account. The free account has some limitations. You are limited on the formats you can use. You cannot do the sound editing and you are limited in time on many of the videos.

However, with that said I am still pretty happy with the results of this 30 sec video.


I thought I would never get married. I am not sure why I have never envisioned myself bonded in this particular fashion.

When I was a child I believed that I was going to be a Nun, a Monk, or a Hermit. I believed that I would have minimal human contact and I certainly believed that I would never be with a man

Once puberty hit it became clear to me that I did indeed like men. I was still unsure as to if I wanted to be with a man though. I still believed that I would rather remain alone. I knew I wanted children and I even knew what I wanted to name my first born which would be a son.

I always knew what I wanted from life. I knew that I wanted to be an artist and a mother, but a man was never in the equation.

This is why I am surprising myself now. Am I reassessing what I would like from life ? Is my vision changing? Is this something that was hidden from me before? I know when I imagine our future I am happy and this is a future I have never seen before.


All the little things amount to a lot


I have somehow despite  my recent illness, been able to accomplish some of the things on my list.

I recently cleaned and reorganized the studio (pics to come)! and have also planted one of the beds in the backyard (more pics to come). All of this and I have also found some time to redo the graphics on my site. I have rounded all the little corners on my buttons and what not.

After cleaning my space last night I realized how good it feels to have that space clean. It  feels like I can reorganize my thoughts. I have separated all my art into categories and spatially separated them within the layout of the room.

I have a flower wall, a gator wall, a southern history wall, and a personal history wall. This way I can look at one wall and see only that work and focus on the subject which I choose.

I feel inspired by my clean space. I believe I will go home tonight and make some art.

Back On Etsy

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So…. I have reopened my Etsy site.  Immediately upon opening the site again I was invited to come sell my wares at railroad sq this friday. However, this would be cutting it a little close. I am not sure if I am ready or willing to commit to such a thing on such short notice. It is exciting though. I wish that there were more hours in a day, or that I never had to sleep, or that there were three of me . Being a mom with two jobs leaves me little time to do those extra things that I wish could do. I have created the following list of things I wish I could make some time for in the near future.

1) Taking quality photos of all my art – especially the recent stuff

2) Posting it on my website

3)Taking quality photos of all my crafts

4)Posting them on Etsy

5)Redoing the back beds around the back porch, planting some summer veggies and some herbs.

6)Raking the yard

7) Finally getting all that laundry done

8)Reorganizing the studio and doing a “Deep Clean”

9)Going through ALL of the old clothes and getting rid of the bulk

10)Making more books

11)Finally finishing that gator head!

12)Taking me and  my son to the dentist!

Bringing the past to life

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I made my first ever animated GIF and I love it. I think I am going to go into the Florida Archives and grab more photos to animate. It seems like a great way to bring the past back to life.

click on the gator to view the animation in all its glory.




I have decided it can be boiled down to two very basic human impulses: The desire to communicate, The desire to create. These two impulses have served us well. When you combine them you make art. The desire to create is an essential desire. It allows us to propagate our species, to leave something of ourselves behind, and to live beyond our times. This is what we all wish. The desire to communicate is an essential human desire. We are social and function in a collective. Communication is necessary.

As long as I can rememeber I have had these desires but  until now have not known why. I do not know why or if I believe it to be important. It is important to me. I know that it is important to many others. I think that may just be enough. Art is communication. It can communicate, much like music,  an “essence”. The thing that eludes words. It is essence  which moves us, incites us to feel and exalts us. Is this important? Maybe?


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I was driving down the road the other day, and it dawned on me that my child and any child for that matter is as close as we can get to ourselves without being ourselves. As the progenitors of another  life we are the originators and the closest to those little beings. Obvious, I know, but this is why we care so much. If they were any closer they would just be us and then we would not care at all. They are at that very special point, an apex. They are the us that breathes outside our bodies. The beating, living, breathing parts of ourselves over which we have no control. This is scary, being a parent is to risk losing something more valuable than yourself.



Lately I have been painting these emotionally charged watercolors. For the past couple of years I have been doing self portraits which sort of serve as place holders in time. They mark the events in my life with my son. They show me where I have been and where I am. They serve as a visual diary.

Understanding Identity

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southern history

Mixed media southern roots project

I have been working on this project for some time now. I have reclaimed discarded southern history textbooks and done extensive research on my family history. I am attempting to restore/ reclaim my history- the past- my family- and my roots- in an attempt to understand myself and my part in the world in which I live.

Lately most of my art revolves around this concept. Of understanding my place in our culture and history.

I feel that my identity lies beyond any and all of this and yet I cannot help but think that this information is invaluable in understanding my identity.

Updating my site

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I was really on the fence on deciding whether or not I was going to include some images of my “Thank You Eve” installation. I installed this piece twice but only have pictures of the first installation. The second time I installed the piece was way better and so I wasn’t so jazzed about putting up the pictures of the first installation. I decided in the end to put up the pictures because I was so happy with the piece overall. I really love the idea behind it and ultimately I want to make a lot more work which reflects this sentiment. The second time I installed this piece was on a very busy night in a small gallery. I stood there watching people as they reacted to it and I really enjoyed how the public responded to this piece.       http://www.annhuskey.com/eve.html