I thought I would never get married. I am not sure why I have never envisioned myself bonded in this particular fashion.

When I was a child I believed that I was going to be a Nun, a Monk, or a Hermit. I believed that I would have minimal human contact and I certainly believed that I would never be with a man

Once puberty hit it became clear to me that I did indeed like men. I was still unsure as to if I wanted to be with a man though. I still believed that I would rather remain alone. I knew I wanted children and I even knew what I wanted to name my first born which would be a son.

I always knew what I wanted from life. I knew that I wanted to be an artist and a mother, but a man was never in the equation.

This is why I am surprising myself now. Am I reassessing what I would like from life ? Is my vision changing? Is this something that was hidden from me before? I know when I imagine our future I am happy and this is a future I have never seen before.