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In the past I have been a terrible photographer. I thinkĀ  my lack of patience may be at fault. Lately, as I have been trying to sell my journals online, I think that my lack of patience has come to bite me. I am working on it though. I spent the morning setting up and taking photos of my journals and I think that the photos I took this morning are a ten-fold improvement to the photos which I have taken in the past.


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I just began a new job. Something about this job is motivating me to really work on this blog and to really try and market myself and my art. I think that one thing that I should do is present my art in a way that might relate more to the general populous at large. No, I am not planning on selling out but what I do think that I might do is just be more considerate of presentation to others. I think that this concept as a whole has become something all the more clear and important as I have aged.