Is this a sign?


I go between believing in some kind of underlying structure and order to the universe and believing that it is totally random and meaningless. Ultimately I am not sure it matters either way. What does matter is our experience.

Sometimes I wonder if there is a structure than if there are signs? Like little ways of the universe hinting at which path we are on and where things will go from here.

If our lives were well written stories than this would be something akin to foreshadowing.

With this said. I stepped out into my back yard and just beyond my door this is what I found.





I have decided it can be boiled down to two very basic human impulses: The desire to communicate, The desire to create. These two impulses have served us well. When you combine them you make art. The desire to create is an essential desire. It allows us to propagate our species, to leave something of ourselves behind, and to live beyond our times. This is what we all wish. The desire to communicate is an essential human desire. We are social and function in a collective. Communication is necessary.

As long as I can rememeber I have had these desires but  until now have not known why. I do not know why or if I believe it to be important. It is important to me. I know that it is important to many others. I think that may just be enough. Art is communication. It can communicate, much like music,  an “essence”. The thing that eludes words. It is essence  which moves us, incites us to feel and exalts us. Is this important? Maybe?