Those anonymous family photos

art, recent

Looking through all my family photos. I am always attracted to the ones which present anonymous people, shadowy figures, and unknown settings. Their anonymity is a challenge and a mystery.

I have pulled some of these photos and plan on painting them in the next few weeks.


We are all passengers who will be lost in time.

We are dying from the moment we are born.

These photos somehow remind me of this.



Is this a sign?


I go between believing in some kind of underlying structure and order to the universe and believing that it is totally random and meaningless. Ultimately I am not sure it matters either way. What does matter is our experience.

Sometimes I wonder if there is a structure than if there are signs? Like little ways of the universe hinting at which path we are on and where things will go from here.

If our lives were well written stories than this would be something akin to foreshadowing.

With this said. I stepped out into my back yard and just beyond my door this is what I found.