Old Fashioned


ImageBaby Luca was born 4/19/213. I guess you could consider this my birth announcement.  In these  modern times we announce everything electronically through social media. I even announced my pregnancy to most of my friends and family via Facebook.

The postal service is dead, and thank you cards are a thing of the past. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Do we need to return to a simpler time ? Do we long for a simpler time?

I am more full of questions that answers. This is another sign of our times.

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I am finally using more apps on my iPhone. This is a lot better than I ever anticipated. I can manage my blog, etsy, pinterest, and Facebook while on the go. I can take photos and share them on multiple platforms. The one standard portable device is awesome. Who would have thought ? I am not sure now why I felt the initial hesitation. Perhaps I am old fashioned at heart. I long to revisit the past. I love books and the process of making things. As a maker I find something unappealing or perhaps frightening about the move to digital and it’s integration into every aspect of our lives.