Its that time again – Here we have come full circle once again to another  Thanksgiving.

This has been an insanely busy year for me. As much as I love all of the people and thing in my life it is not very often that I get much time to reflect upon that which I am thankful for.

I do often think in spare moments that I am thankful for my Home, my family, my husband, and my boys. But these moments are fleeting and overwhelmed by the hectic flow of my life.  Today I would truly like to take some time to pause and reflect upon the people and things which I am thankful for. I am working om creating a list on pinterest for some of these things.




All the little things amount to a lot


I have somehow despite  my recent illness, been able to accomplish some of the things on my list.

I recently cleaned and reorganized the studio (pics to come)! and have also planted one of the beds in the backyard (more pics to come). All of this and I have also found some time to redo the graphics on my site. I have rounded all the little corners on my buttons and what not.

After cleaning my space last night I realized how good it feels to have that space clean. It  feels like I can reorganize my thoughts. I have separated all my art into categories and spatially separated them within the layout of the room.

I have a flower wall, a gator wall, a southern history wall, and a personal history wall. This way I can look at one wall and see only that work and focus on the subject which I choose.

I feel inspired by my clean space. I believe I will go home tonight and make some art.

Back On Etsy

art, books, recent

So…. I have reopened my Etsy site.  Immediately upon opening the site again I was invited to come sell my wares at railroad sq this friday. However, this would be cutting it a little close. I am not sure if I am ready or willing to commit to such a thing on such short notice. It is exciting though. I wish that there were more hours in a day, or that I never had to sleep, or that there were three of me . Being a mom with two jobs leaves me little time to do those extra things that I wish could do. I have created the following list of things I wish I could make some time for in the near future.

1) Taking quality photos of all my art – especially the recent stuff

2) Posting it on my website

3)Taking quality photos of all my crafts

4)Posting them on Etsy

5)Redoing the back beds around the back porch, planting some summer veggies and some herbs.

6)Raking the yard

7) Finally getting all that laundry done

8)Reorganizing the studio and doing a “Deep Clean”

9)Going through ALL of the old clothes and getting rid of the bulk

10)Making more books

11)Finally finishing that gator head!

12)Taking me and  my son to the dentist!

Is this a sign?


I go between believing in some kind of underlying structure and order to the universe and believing that it is totally random and meaningless. Ultimately I am not sure it matters either way. What does matter is our experience.

Sometimes I wonder if there is a structure than if there are signs? Like little ways of the universe hinting at which path we are on and where things will go from here.

If our lives were well written stories than this would be something akin to foreshadowing.

With this said. I stepped out into my back yard and just beyond my door this is what I found.